Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Burst Pipe Warning from East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service

With the recent freezing temperatures now rising and the icy conditions gradually thawing, East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service are reminding residents to be aware of how to locate and isolate their water and electricity supplies. 

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service has attended an increased number of emergency calls, involving burst water pipes, which in some cases has affected electrical supplies.

Temporary Head of Community Safety, Steve Wright, said: “We would strongly recommend that people know how to isolate their water and electrical supplies. In the event of a burst pipe, isolate your water supply immediately and drain the system by running all the cold taps. If safe to do so, isolate your electrical supply. 

“Flooding caused by burst pipes can be extremely dangerous if it comes into contact with the electrical supply. In an emergency situation, our advice is to call 999.”

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service offers the following advice:
  • Know where your stop tap is, which is usually located under the kitchen sink - this tap stops the water supply entering your home.
  • Insulate all your pipes, your loft and the side of your water tanks.
  • Open the loft trap door on cold days to let heat in.
  • Make sure all your taps are turned off properly, especially last thing at night.
  • If you are planning to go on holiday or be away for a while, ask a relative or neighbour to check on your home to ensure your pipes haven't burst or frozen.
  • In very cold weather, keep your heating on low throughout the day, or set it to come on a couple of times a day, especially if you are going away.
  • Have the contact numbers for plumbers and electricians handy in case of emergency.

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