Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Residents flee Seaford house fire

Firefighters were called out to a deliberate fire at a house in Seaford, which put lives in danger.

Items outside a garage in Elgin Gardens were set alight and the fire spread to the attached bungalow on Saturday (14th April) at 1.39am. Fortunately the occupants were able to flee from the property and were not injured. However, a large amount of damage was caused.

Two crews from Seaford attended and remained at the scene until 3.35am. Firefighters tackled the fire wearing breathing apparatus, using a hose reel as well as firefighting foam (1 in 7 foam). Firefighters had to remove four propane cylinders from the property and had put the fire out by 2.38am.

Fire Investigation Officer Ron Kirkwood said: “Fortunately, the fire was discovered quickly and although the cylinders were involved with the fire the crews were able to safely remove them and deal with the fire effectively. The cylinders could potentially have exploded if exposed for a longer period to flames.”

A fire investigation was carried out in the morning and East Sussex Fire Rescue Service's FI dog was called in, arriving on the scene at 9.13am. The FI dog and his handler were at the scene until 11.43am, with the investigation being completed by the Fire Investigation Officer at 12.35pm. The cause of the fire was found to be 'deliberate ignition'.

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