Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Dramatic rescue for Hastings cat

A Hastings cat had a very lucky escape after getting stuck up an electricity pole.

Bexhill and Hastings firefighters came to its rescue after waiting for the electricity to be switched off by UK Power Networks, who made the area safe for crews to carry out the rescue.

They were called to Nut Brown Farm, Hooe, yesterday (30th April) afternoon at 3.29pm after the farmer reported a cat being stuck at the top since the early hours of the morning.

A vet, kitted out in a full harness and helmet, was also called in to help with the rescue and went up with crews on the Aerial Ladder Platform and safely rescued the cat.

Crew Commander Max Gilbert said: “The cat definitely used up one of its nine lives, after scaling the pole with his very long claws, which I luckily managed to avoid.

“I was amazed that the cat managed to survive this incident, somehow he got away with it as cats do and was surprisingly calm.”

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  1. To Max, His Crew, the Vet and Lady from the RSPCA,
    A very big thank you from us here for the safe return of Poppy the cat :) Although we live nearby we were quite un-aware of the drama unfolding just a few fields away! Poppy is very happy to be back home with her pals and after her telling off she tucked in to some food and boy did she need a wee lol... But seriously a huge thanks for all the work that went in to her safe return and we will be in touch with the fire and rescue and RSPCA for a well deserved donation.

    Best Wishes

    Paul, Belinda and Lilly Widdicombe (Poppy's Family)