Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Mini round-up

Loose pane of glass

Eastbourne firefighters ensured that no-one came to any harm following reports of a loose pane of glass.

The dangerous structure was spotted on the sixth floor balcony of Arlington House, Upperton Road, on Friday (11th May). Crews were unable to gain access to the property and used the Aerial Ladder Platform to reach the balcony, remaining at the property until a locksmith arrived.

Hadlow Down collision

Uckfield and Mayfield firefighters were called to a crash along the A272 on Friday (11th May) at 1.58pm.

Crews assisted paramedics at the two-vehicle collision and the Sussex Air Ambulance attended.

A27 three vehicle collision

Brighton and Hove firefighters were called out to a three-vehicle collision along the A27 on Friday (11th May) afternoon at 2.12pm.

Three fire engines attended following reports of people trapped inside the vehicles, who were later cut free from the wreckage by crews.

Diversions were put in place off the slip road with traffic backing up to the A23 junction. The injured were left in the care of the ambulance service. Firefighters left the scene at 3.23pm.

Gorse fire

Firefighters were called out to a gorse fire at Hastings Country Park on Saturday (12th May) afternoon at 2.53pm. They remained there until 4.13pm using flex packs to tackle the flames on foot. This piece of equipment is used to access remote outdoor areas, as the packs hold water and has a hose attachment.

Child stuck up tree

Hailsham firefighters came to the rescue of a child stuck up a tree on Sunday (13th May) afternoon at 2.57pm. They managed to help the youngster down by 3.15pm.

Two-vehicle collision

Newhaven firefighters attended the scene of a road traffic collision involving a car and a motorbike.

They were called to The Drove on Sunday (13th May) afternoon at 3.06pm and made the area safe for other motorists.

Car crashes into wall

Hove firefighters were on the scene of a car crash in Clarendon Road after reports of a person trapped inside the vehicle.

They were called out at 6.04pm on Sunday (13th May) but thankfully the driver was out of the vehicle upon arrival.

An ambulance was also called to the incident and crews stayed at the scene to make the area safe.

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