Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Hastings firefighters rescue pregnant woman

Hastings firefighters came to the rescue of a pregnant woman who found herself wedged in a window after the hinge broke.

The woman who was bathing her two young children at the time discovered she was trapped inside the bathroom after the door handle fell off.

In a bid to escape she leaned out of the window to call for help but the window dropped down wedging the five months pregnant woman.

Luckily, her friend heard her calls for help and contacted East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service who sent both a fire engine and the Aerial Ladder Platform (ALP) to the property in Cornwallis Gardens, Hastings, Saturday (16th June) afternoon at 4.48pm.

Crews carried out a two-pronged approach by forcing entry into the block of flats while calming the lady down from the outside of the property by using the ALP. One of the crew members managed to hold the window open for her from the outside enabling her to free herself.

Meanwhile, other crew members gained entry via the bathroom and were on-hand to provide first aid at the scene and gave her oxygen. The woman was then taken off to hospital as a precautionary measure.

The two crews remained at the incident for just over an hour rescuing the woman and securing the premises.

Crew Commander Dan Burnett said: “It is always a good idea for people in rented accommodation to retain their safety through maintenance. They can always seek advice from East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service regarding fire safety issues too.”

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