Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Technical rescue for man trapped in car

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service’s Technical Rescue Unit (TRU) was called in to help a man who became trapped in his car after it was in collision with a garage wall in Peacehaven.

Three fire engines and two Technical Rescue Units attended the incident in Mitchelldean, near Heathy Brow, yesterday (25th June) at 2.29pm and remained at the scene until 4.04pm.

The TRU is a dedicated vehicle designed and equipped to provide specialist assistance at Road Traffic Collisions, Incidents involving Commercial Vehicles, Aircraft or Trains, Building Collapse, Trench Collapse etc. It also attends incidents requiring specialist Environmental Protection equipment. It’s manned by a dedicated, specialist team of experts.

Watch Manager Richard Harrison said:

“The man was physically trapped by the fact that his car had gone through the wall and he couldn’t get out through the doors of the car. Paramedics assessed him to make sure he was ok physically, as he could not climb out of the car himself.

“We made space in the vehicle by removing a couple of the back seats and placed him on a spinal board and took him out of the car through the hatch at the back.”

The casualty was taken off to hospital and the TRU crew set about making the garage safe by shoring up the wall.

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