Monday, 9 July 2012

Overnight downpour

Torrential overnight downpours led to eight calls being made to East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service’s Mobilising & Communications Centre in the space of just two hours on Saturday (7th July) night.

Of these, crews were sent to five incidents - where their action ranged from giving advice to the occupants, isolating electrics, pumping sewage from one property and isolating the water supply.

Incidents varied from flooding of the electrics, sewage from drains, pond water overflowing in a garden, a leaking roof and basement flooding.

Some of the callers were given advice over the phone, such as contacting their water provider to deal with blocked drains.

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service attended the following incidents:
  •  Flooding of electrics – Kemp Town, Brighton, near Saint Georges Road, on Saturday (7th July) at 11.39pm. Advice was given and a Home Safety Visit carried out.
  • Flooding of electrics – Hove Villas, Hove, at 00.16am on Sunday (8th July). Advice given to the occupants. 
  •  Flooding – Warmdene Road, Patcham, Brighton, on Sunday (8th July) at 00.17am. A submersible pump was used by firefighters to pump sewage from the flooded kitchen basement area. Firefighters also assisted with cleaning up and both Southern Water and contractors were contacted.
  • Flooding of electrics – firefighters were called to Saint Aubyns, Hove, on Sunday (8th July) at 00.44am. The crew isolated the electrics following flooding from the top floor balcony and the incident was then left with the homeowners.
  • Flooding of electrics – Brighton firefighters were called out to a property in Lewes Road on Sunday (8th July) at 1.16am. The crew isolated the electrics after forcing entry and the incident was left in the hands of Southern Water.

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