Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Weekend round-up

Busy weekend for Brighton crews

Preston Circus firefighters had a busy weekend with 28 call-outs ranging from overcooked food to fires and people stuck in lifts.

A crew were sent to a fire at Patcham High School, Ladies Mile Road, Brighton, in the early hours of Sunday morning (22ndJuly). Firefighters were at the scene for around half an hour tackling the blaze in the bike store with one hose reel jet.

Meanwhile, Roedean and Preston Circus firefighters were called to Rye Close, in Saltdean, following reports of overcooked food. The occupant had a lucky escape after falling asleep. Crews used a Positive Pressure Ventilation Fan to clear smoke from the building.

On Sunday night (22nd July) two fire engines from Brighton and Hove were sent to an incident at Woods Mill Joinery, North Street, in Portslade at 6.14pm. No-one was injured.

Dust cart fire

Crews were called to a dust cart on fire on Monday morning (23rd July) in West Street, Brighton. One main hose reel jet was used to tackle the blaze at 7.14am and crews left the scene at 7.40am.

Burst water pipe

Firefighters had to isolate the electrics after being called out to a burst hot water main on Monday (23rdJuly) at 7.36am, which resulted in water pouring out on to a hand-dryer at Mithras House Lewes Road, Brighton. As the water hit the dryer it produced steam which set-off the fire alarm in the building. A plumber was contacted to deal with the leak. Crews were there for fifteen minutes at just after 7.30am.

Lorry fire in Brighton

Two fire engines from Preston Circus were sent to London Road, Brighton, after a lorry caught fire on Friday (20thJuly) morning at 11am. The flames ripped through the vehicle destroying half of the lorry. Firefighters used firefighting foam (1 in 7 foam) and one hose reel jet to tackle the blaze and were there for an hour getting the situation under control.  The driver managed to escape the flames but was treated by paramedics as a precautionary measure. Sussex Police closed the road to traffic and traffic was diverted for around an hour, after which the bus lane was then re-opened.

Woman collapses on scaffolding

A woman had to be rescued from scaffolding after collapsing whilst working on a house in Tangmere Road, Brighton, on Friday (20th July) at 1.30pm. The Aerial Ladder Platform was used by firefighters to provide a stable platform for the HART team (High Access Rescue Team) to bring her down safely.  HART are trained experts in technical line rescue and can also offer medical and first aid support to the emergency services – in areas which would normally be inaccessible. The casualty was taken off to hospital.

Elderly lady rescued

Roedean and Brighton firefighters led an elderly lady to safety after a pan of food caught fire on her cooker at Walter May House, Whitehawk Road, Brighton, on Sunday night (22nd July) at 10.15pm. The alarm was raised by Carelink. Crews gave the woman oxygen therapy at the scene and then left her in the care of paramedics. 

Six stuck in a lift

Hove firefighters came to the rescue of six distressed people who found themselves stuck in a lift within a block of flats on Grand Avenue, at just after 6pm on Sunday (23rd July). They had been there for around twenty minutes and were relieved to be rescued by East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service. Crews isolated the power before winding the lift to a floor and freeing the people. Hove crews also attended three separate car fires all in the same area around Ellen Street and Conway Street, in the early hours of Monday (23rd July) morning.

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