Monday, 10 September 2012

Firefighters prevent Withyham barn fire spreading

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service crews have been working throughout the night to prevent nearby woods in Withyham from catching fire after a barn went up in flames.

The blaze is believed to have started accidentally at a barn in Ladies Mile, resulting in 260 tonnes of straw and farm machinery being destroyed.

Four fire engines from Crowborough, Forest Row and Uckfield were sent to the incident at 6.41pm - along with a water carrier. At its height, around 31 firefighters were at the scene preventing further damage and spread to neighbouring woods by using two main jets, supplied from a hydrant 180 metres away. The incident was only scaled down after 10pm to two fire engines and subsequent relief crews were deployed overnight.

The incident was treated as controlled burning with the attendance of crews overnight.

Crew Commander John Haizelden said:

“Our main aim was to prevent the spread of fire, as well as protecting the environment. This was done by reducing the amount of water running off which could possibly contaminate the surrounding area.

“Extinguishing the fire with water would have meant a more protracted incident with environmental implications and a large clean-up operation for the owner.”

The fire was still burning under supervision this morning (Monday 10th September).

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  1. nice blog. the fire fighters try their best and they even risk their lives and it depends on the fire and its surrounding that how fast is the possibility to extend