Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Speedy response stops Bexhill garage fire spreading

Sidley residents have been praised for their quick actions which enabled Bexhill firefighters to prevent fire from spreading to the eaves of a house.

An alert neighbour had contacted East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service after spotting the blaze at the property in Beacon Hill on Monday evening (24th September) at 7.22pm. Two fire engines turned up and crews remained at the scene until 9.05pm.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus tackled the blaze, which was rapidly spreading, with three hose reel jets and one main jet.

Watch Commander Richard Beale praised the quick actions of the residents:

“As soon as the occupants realised there was a fire they immediately evacuated the house and didn’t go back to investigate. They also moved any cars from the front of the house so crews could tackle the fire quickly and effectively. These quick actions undoubtedly enabled crews to prevent the fire from spreading to the eaves of the house.

“This wasn’t a normal garage fire as there was a lot of storage in the garage, stacked from floor to ceiling,which we would always advise against. Another minute and the fire would have potentially spread to the eaves of the house. There was also domestic storage of petrol which was making it difficult to put the fire out.

The accidental fire started after an overheated exhaust pipe from a motorbike ignited a fire when it came into contact with the storage items.

Following the fire a Home Safety Visit was carried out by Bexhill firefighters who installed working smoke alarms throughout the property.

Safety advice:

  • Do not use the garage for excessive storage, as this can increase the chances of a fire or intensify a fire.
  • When working on a motorbike in the garage always check to see if it has cooled down sufficiently before leaving the area. 

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