Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Two men escape Brighton boat fire

Boat users are being urged to properly maintain their vessel after two men had a lucky escape thanks to their on board fire alarm system.

The crew contacted East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service after a fire broke out due to an electrical fault. They were refuelling at the time by the jetty and so were able to escape from the boat.

Three fire engines from Hove, Brighton and Newhaven were sent to Brighton Marina refuelling jetty at 1.53pm on Sunday 9th September.

Thankfully, the fire was out by the time crews had arrived at the scene but firefighters were able to administer essential first aid before the paramedics turned up.

They found one man on the decking where he had fallen trying to get off the boat and had suffered burns to his legs. The other man had suffered cuts and bruises to his legs. Both were treated at the scene and the burns victim was taken off to hospital.

Watch Commander Richard Chamberlain said:

“The crew were quite calm and although we did not have to do any firefighting we disconnected the boat’s battery to ensure there was no electrical power on the boat. As it was moored at the refuelling jetty it could potentially have been very dangerous. As we were concerned, we wanted to make the area safe and get everyone off the boat, as there was a strong smell of petrol fumes.

“We put life jackets on and we had one-in-seven foam, as well as a water hose reel at the ready to operate in case of a fire. We were there for around an hour.”

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service would urge other boat users to fully maintain their vessel on a regular basis.

“Boats need to be maintained like cars and we would urge people to service on board systems to make sure they are in good working order. If this vessel had not been maintained properly the boat could have been lost in the fire.

“We would also like to praise the marina staff for making sure that all the barriers were open and marshalling us to the correct point. There were people at the entrance to make sure that we were directed to the scene as quickly as possible. It’s a bit of a maze down there and this was a great help.”

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