Monday, 26 November 2012

Battle firefighters first on scene at High Street collision

Battle firefighters stepped in to assist paramedics after a distressed member of the public came knocking on the station door asking for help.

The shocked man notified crews of a collision in Battle High Street between a car and a pedestrian on Friday (23 November) at 5.10pm.

The collision occurred after a grey Peugeot 307, driven by a 70-year-old local man, collided with an 83-year-old local woman.

The ambulance crew, based at the rear of the Community Fire Station, were already out on a call but firefighters immediately stepped in to help out.

Firefighter Mark Eaton said:

“We took action to self-deploy our firefighters and put in a running call to the East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service’s Mobilising and Communications Centre.

 “A couple of firefighters attended the incident with the first aid kit and oxygen and when we turned up there was already a man on the phone to the ambulance crews. As we were the first on the scene we closed off the road, in both directions, with the fire engine and carried out the assessment of the lady.

“We ensured that the woman was made comfortable and carried out some essential first aid, including oxygen treatment, and covered her with blankets, before paramedics arrived on the scene.”

“The Helicopter Emergency Medical Service arrived and we stayed at the scene to provide assistance for the medical team.”

The woman was taken to Kings College Hospital in London where she remains in a serious condition.
Sussex Police are appealing for witnesses.

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