Friday, 23 November 2012

Firefighters issue warning - DIY or building work that involves potential ignition sources

Hastings firefighers are asking people to take extra care when carrying out any building related or DIY work that involves potential ignition sources. This warning follows a spate of related fires in the Hastings area.

Lee Mepham, Watch Manager, White Watch, Bohemia Road fire station, Hastings, said: “Building and DIY works are notorious for accidents involving personal injury, however when carrying out work that involves ignition sources, extra care must be taken to avoid potentially serious consequences.

"Fire can happen anywhere, for reasons we don’t expect. Recently, a fire occurred where a blow torch had been used to solder pipes under some stairs. The underside of the stairs had been scorched in the process and retained sufficient heat to smoulder, finally igniting several hours later.

"Another recent fire involved expanding foam, which was being used to close off pipe cavities near an old-style back boiler. The gas fumes that came out of the expanding foam aerosol were ignited by the pilot light of the back boiler. Unfortunately this resulted in substantial fire damage.”

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