Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Concerned neighbour saves deli from fire

An Eastbourne delicatessen has had a lucky escape from a potentially serious fire when a concerned neighbour alerted the fire Service after smelling smoke.

Two fire engines were sent to South Street, Eastbourne on Sunday (2nd December) at 3.27pm and remained at the incident until 4.17pm.

Upon investigation Eastbourne crews discovered a fire located in the fuse box, located in the basement area of the deli in South Street.

Watch Commander Andy Tottle said:

“Luckily, a resident spotted smoke drifting up through their floorboards and contacted East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service. However, when we arrived there were no visible signs of a fire and so we had to force entry to investigate further.

“We discovered that the electrics had short circuited and had melted through the fuse box. This could have resulted in a very nasty fire if we had not been alerted. Firefighters tackled the fire and contacted Seaboard. We would like to take this opportunity to remind people not to store flammable items like coats over fuse boxes, although on this occasion this was not the cause. This is one area we check when we carry out home safety visits.”

The cause of the accidental fire has been attributed to an overheated fuse box.


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