Monday, 24 December 2012

Firefighters attend Langney Shopping Centre roof collapse

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service were on hand after the roof collapsed at Langney Shopping Centre in the early hours of the morning.

At 4.38am firefighters were called to an automatic fire alarm on 20th December. When the crews arrived on the scene it was raining quite heavily, and while the firefighters were awaiting the arrival of the key holder an assessment of the area was carried out to look for any signs of fire.

Watch Commander Vince O'Neil said:

"On looking through the main front doors it was apparent that there was no fire, but it appeared that there was some debris, although it was too far away and too dark to ascertain the nature of the collapse.

"Just prior to the key holder's attendance we were contacted by the Police who had actually attended the other side of the centre and were beginning to evacuate a dozen or so residents of the flats within the shopping centre, as a precaution.

"The key holder then arrived, at which point we were able to access the centre and take a proper look at the extent of the damage.

"The central atrium of the shopping centre, in which was an area of tables and chairs used as a coffee shop, was covered in a piece of ceiling approximately 15m x 15m.

"There was a large mains feed for the sprinkler which, because of the collapse, had broken and was throwing massive amounts of water into the centre.

"While on scene, we isolated the sprinklers to stop the flooding and liaised with the centre's key holder and Police to ensure the area was safe.  Building control was requested and the Police cordoned off the whole centre."

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