Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Lewes chimney fire sparks safety warning

It’s not just the winter flu virus you have to worry about at this time of year…

It’s imperative to keep your chimney clean and ensure that it is serviced on a regular basis to safeguard your home from fire.

On Saturday (8th December) at 8.58pm the Lewes extended pump ladder was sent to a chimney fire in Spences Lane, Lewes.

Watch Commander, Dave Washington, said:

“On arrival, the crew of six found the chimney well alight with flames visible from the chimney pot. Crews spent one hour using the chimney fire fighting kit to extinguish the fire.

“This fire demonstrated the importance of having an open fire chimney regularly swept at least once a year. Whilst at the property the crews undertook a full home safety check and fitted new smoke alarms to the property.”

Chimneys need to be swept, not only to help prevent a fire, but also to reduce the risk of dangerous fume emissions from blocked heating appliances, flue-ways and chimneys.

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service’s Community Safety Manager, Steve Wright, said:

“Chimney fires are a common cause of fire in dwellings and can cause widespread damage.

“An open fire is an ideal way to keep warm this winter but without proper maintenance a chimney can become dangerous. In the last two years alone we have attended 420 incidents involving chimney fires.”

Not only are clean chimneys safer, they also help your environment. Having your chimney swept will eliminate the build-up of soot from coal, wood, oil and gas-fired appliances and maintain your chimney safely.

It also clears obstructions such as birds and animal nests, even cobwebs.

All NACS Members are trained, qualified and fully insured. Members work to a Code of Practice and a Certificate of Sweeping is issued on completion of work.

To find a certified chimney sweep and lots more, please visit www.nacs.org.uk or www.guild-of-master-sweeps.co.uk.

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