Monday, 7 January 2013

Hastings fire prompts safety warning

 Hastings firefighters are advising people not to delay contacting the fire service in the event of a smoke alarm sounding.

That’s the safety message from crews who recently attended a fire at a flat in
London Road, Hastings, on Friday morning (4th January) at 5.50am.

Three fire engines were sent to the property and crews forced entry and firefighters wearing breathing apparatus located one woman who they rescued and led to safety.

The fire was started by smoking materials left in a bin which set fire to the underside of a table in the living room. Although the fire had burnt itself out, it had caused extensive smoke damage to the property.

The occupants of the other flats within the same block had self-evacuated but had delayed contacting the fire service.

Crew Commander Shaun Rogers has this advice for all residents:

“In the event of hearing a smoke alarm sounding please contact the fire service immediately and do not delay.

“On this occasion, even though the residents did the right thing by contacting East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service we would always promote the earliest possible 999 call, after evacuating the premises.”

Smoking is the biggest house fire killer and more people die in fires caused by smoking than in fires caused by anything else.

More than a third of all deaths in fires in the home are caused by cigarettes. Smokers are being warned that they must wake up to the deadly dangers of smoking – especially when tired.

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