Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Crowborough crews rescue horse

On 11thFebruary at 12.58pm, Crowborough crews responded to an animal rescue at Wood Falls Industrial Estate, Gravelly Ways, Laddingford.

On arrival, crews were told the horse had moved 800 metres down the river, near to the Anchor Pub in Yalding. Colleagues from Kent Fire & Rescue Service, Swift Water Rescue Team, were also in attendance.

Firefighters from Crowborough were able to secure a head collar around the horses head, with a lead reign attached, which enabled them to lead the horse, whilst it was swimming and guide it to a side of the bank, which was low enough for the horse to get out.

Unfortunately, the horse was unable to pull himself up by this point, so a decision was quickly taken to assist. A vet sedated the horse, and the animal was then stropped up and pulled out with the winch.

Firefighter, Paul Mcilvenny, said: “Once the horse had come round and was warmed up, he was able to walk unaided. It was a difficult rescue, but crews worked well together and with the help of our colleagues in Kent, we ensured a successful outcome.”

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