Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Firefighters rescue steer in trouble

Specialist animal rescue crews were called upon after a large steer got stuck in a boggy field in Buxted.

Two specialist teams from Crowborough, along with Uckfield firefighters, were called to the incident on Saturday (23rdFebruary) in Limes Lane, at 6.08pm.

Two firefighters wore dry suits, to protect themselves, whilst carrying out the muddy rescue.

Crews decided that the best way to rescue the cow was to use rescue paths, which are inflatable paths designed for wet, boggy or unstable ground. 

The steer was fitted with a line around both horns to enable the head to be controlled during the manoeuvre.  

Watch Commander Bob Beard said:

The steer was not lifted, due to its weight and size, but winched up in order to free its right side and then winched to the firm ground over the very muddy and wet field to firm ground.

 “We fitted an eight foot strop at the front and rear of the steer. Firefighters were advised of the movements of the other cattle and we had a carbon dioxide extinguisher on standby, in case there was a requirement for scaring them away.

“A vet was requested and it was deemed necessary to fit the strops, prior to his attendance. As soon as the vet attended I gave him a full brief of the situation.

“In order to be able to train the crane, a line was attached to the winch karabiner and three firefighters assisted manually. This required extremely skilful manoeuvring, due to the limits of the crane being reached, owing to the size of the cow.

“The steer was then led to an area of firm ground where I was able to apply a nose pinch to the cow. This procedure is carried out in order to calm the cow and then the crew were able to successfully remove the strops. The cow was then left in the safe hands of a vet.”

Crews left the incident at 8.52pm.

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