Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Eastbourne is a safer place to live, visit and work

Eastbourne was a safer place to live and work in 2012/13 according to Eastbourne’s Fire & Rescue Service Borough Commander, Dave Sheppard. The recently published performance data for Eastbourne indicates that there have been some excellent results over the last 12 months with some significant improvements in relation to fire safety, in particular: -

  • There were no fatalities as a result of accidental dwelling fires in Eastbourne in 2012/13
  • Over 1500 home safety visits were delivered of which 82% were to the most vulnerable within Eastbourne
  • A significant reduction in deliberate fires was achieved with only 14 deliberate vehicle fires and 68 other deliberate fires
  • Our firefighters attended 85% of life threatening incidents within 8 minutes (target of 60%) and 97% of life threatening incidents within 13 minutes (target of 90%)
  • 96% of fires were confined to their room of origin
  • The number of automatic fire alarm calls was reduced by 23%

Dave Sheppard said: ‘It was particularly pleasing to see such a large drop in incidents of deliberate fires which were nearly 50% below what was anticipated at the start of the year.

“There are a number of reasons behind this real improvement such as the increasing value of metal, so we no longer see scrap vehicles left at the roadside as an attraction to firesetters and the really poor weather has also contributed.

He continued: “We also need commercial properties to continue to make sure that they manage their rubbish appropriately and don’t leave waste in areas where it is easily accessible. Ultimately it is down to the residents and visitors to Eastbourne who value their surroundings and work hard to maintain their local environment and with less fires occurring it means that Eastbourne is a safer place to live, visit and work.”

Dave added: “I would also like to congratulate all of my Prevention, Protection and Response staff who have worked extremely hard to deliver these improvements and also recognise the contribution of some excellent partnership working within the local Joint Action Group and Community Safety Partnership which allows a range of partners to work together in supporting the local community.”

This coming year (2013/14) will see Eastbourne’s Firefighters, Community Team and Protection Officers aiming to maintain these high levels of performance as well as seeking to implement some changes to ensure that they continue to support front line services efficiently.”

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