Monday, 8 July 2013

Seaford Community Action Day

Firefighters from East and West Sussex teamed up to meet with Seaford College students to chat about both fire and road safety.

As part of a community engagement initiative the firefighters partnered up to support a Community Action day for 15 pupils last Thursday (4th July).

The two fire services have recently targeted more than 200 students by meeting with staff across twenty community venues in both counties as part of this initiative.

Headmaster of Seaford College, John Green, said: “Our students live and work in a very beautiful part of the country and it is only right that they give something back to the local community.’”

The focus at this venue was to help students understand the pressures that firefighters work under every day of the year, as well as the diverse activities that take place during operational calls.

The students spent half a day at Hove fire station to learn some of the skills and qualities it takes to become a firefighter.

Members of green watch Hove put on a display of a high rise rescue drill using ladders and hoses for the pupils to observe some of the key elements it takes to be a firefighter.

The pupils learnt that regular training, trust and communication are some of the vital elements needed to work effectively in a team in these high pressure situations.

Following the demonstration, all the students had the opportunity to climb the drill tower using a 12 metre ladder and also experience a search and rescue in dark conditions wearing full fire kit.

Following the activities, Justin Goodchild from the Arson and Incident Reduction Team answered all their questions and gave the students important information on fire safety, road safety and generally being a responsible person in respect of the risk of fire and accidents.

Year 10 described the day as ‘awesome’, ‘exhilarating’ and ‘challenging’.

Miss Shaw, a teacher from Seaford College, said: “This experience was not only a fun-filled day of activities but an excellent development opportunity for the pupils; I would really like to thank Damien Lazaro from red watch Hove for making this visit happen and all the firefighters for making it such a worthwhile visit.”

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