Monday, 5 August 2013

A big thanks to our Pride supporters

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is thanking all its supporters who made this year’s Brighton Pride so enjoyable.

Firefighters and support staff took part in the Parade on 3 August 2013, with appliances decorated with flags, balloons and posters especially for the occasion. 

Later in Preston Park, members of the public posed on the red carpet against an action film backdrop and had their photo taken in their best hero pose. The photos are now being converted to a film flyer with title and credits and put online so that individuals can print them off at home. Take a look on

Visitors also had the chance to try on firefighters uniforms, get a free temporary tattoo of the Pride flag and pick up some free popcorn.    

A giant notebook of Pride comments said:

“Wonderful team – they can put our fire out any time.”
“You guys rock. Thank you.”
 “Epic, amazing staff, right laugh!”
 “You guys are awesome. Thanks for saving lives!”
 “Love what you do, awesome job.”
 “You guys do such great things – thank you.”
“The Fire Service is the best – thank you.”

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