Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Warning issued over candles following fire in Hastings

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service are warning against the danger of using candles in the home after a serious fire in Hastings was believed to have been started accidentally after a candle was placed on a television.

Crews attended Pembroke Court on Woodland Vale Road in St Leonard’s on Sea on Monday night (5 August) just after 10pm.

Firefighters had to use breathing apparatus, three jets, hose reel jets, foam and the aerial ladder platform. Conditions were extremely tough for crews and eight fire engines were needed at the scene of the three-storey building. 

The Service is calling for everyone to follow simple rules if they want to have candles in their home.

Safety advice

You should take care where you decide to put candles in your home. Candles are best placed:
·        on a heat-resistant surface - be especially careful with night lights and tea lights, which get hot enough to melt plastic including televisions
·        in a proper candle holder, so they don't fall over
·        out of the reach of children and pets
·        out of draughts and away from curtains, other fabrics or furniture, which could catch fire
·        with at least 1 metre (3 feet) between the candle and any surface above it
·        with at least 10 centimetres (4 inches) between any two candles
·        away from clothes and hair - if there's any chance you could forget where a candle is and lean across it, put it somewhere else
·        Make sure you put out candles before moving them and don't let anything fall into the hot wax, like matchsticks.

Putting candles out

Never leave a candle unattended. Make sure you:

  • put out candles before you leave a room and before you go to bed
  • never leave a burning candle or oil burner in a child's bedroom
  • use a snuffer or a spoon to put them out - blowing them can send sparks and hot wax flying
  • double-check that they are completely out and not still smouldering

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