Thursday, 19 September 2013

Businesses asked to check their fire safety measures

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service are calling on businesses to check their fire safety measures following the confirmation of strike action by Fire Brigades Union members.

The FBU have announced that strike action regarding the national dispute over pensions, will take place on Wednesday 25th September 2013, between 12.00 (noon) and 16.00. At this stage we do not know if further dates will be announced.

Letters are being sent to more than 17,000 business properties across East Sussex and Brighton & Hove City.

We are asking that they ensure that they are up to date with the requirements of current fire safety legislation and in particular:

• Have a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment, which has identified that
sources of ignition and fuel have been eliminated, reduced, isolated, and controlled
as far as is reasonably practical.
• Produced an emergency plan.
• Ensured that employees know about the risks present in the workplace.
• Ensured that they know what to do in the event of an emergency including
practiced a fire evacuation procedure.
• Maintained the premises and any fire related facilities, equipment and devices.

ESFRS is reminding businesses that in determining (through their fire risk assessment) the measures they will take to protect their staff and all other relevant people who may be affected by any fire, they should not rely on fire service intervention to assist as part of their

The following may be of assistance to businesses:

Evacuation procedures

• Have you suitable means of detecting any fire and raising the alarm?
• Do the people who use your buildings know how to get out in the event of an
• Have you recently checked your fire escapes are clearly signed and accessible
and that your fire-safety equipment is in proper working order?


• When did you last have your lifts serviced?
• Does everyone know who to call if your lift breaks and how long it would take for
them to respond?
• Does the lift alarm system work?

Note: Unless specifically designed and constructed as an ‘Evacuation Lift’ – lifts should
not be used in case of fire – the above advice is given to help ensure that people are not
trapped in lifts by breakdown outside of any fire situation.

Safety and security

• Are your premises ever unattended? If so, when did you last check security
• If you store any dangerous substances, are they being kept in an appropriate
• Have you checked recently for any fire risks such as large amounts of rubbish or
recycling close to buildings?

Automatic Fire Alarms:

• Have you got suitable procedures to quickly and safely investigate the cause of a
fire alarm going off before calling the Fire & Rescue Service?
• Does everyone know how to contact the engineer if the alarm sounds when there
is no fire?

If you need further advice please go to our website or contact us on
0303 999 1000.

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