Thursday, 5 September 2013

Fire at a farm in Isfield

On 3rd September at 9.23am, crews from Uckfield and Heathfield responded to a fire at a farm in Isfield, where a large dung heap was well alight, threatening adjacent hedge rows and woodland.

Due to difficult access to the site, a Landrover was dispatched to the scene. As the nearest hydrant was a considerable distance away, crews used a Water Carrier and set up a 12,000 litre dam in the stable yard for the Landrover to refill.

The fire was extinguished by 4.00pm. 

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service recommends the following generic fire safety advice to farmers:

Hay and straw should be removed from the field as soon as possible after harvesting. Hay and straw should be stored:

·         Separately from other buildings, particularly those housing fuels, agrochemicals and machinery.
·         In stacks of reasonable size.
·         Separately from livestock housing.

Petrol, diesel and other fuels should be stored in secure areas and storage tank outlets should be padlocked.

Fertilisers and pesticides should be kept under lock and key.

Refuse should be disposed of safely and on a regular basis.

Unoccupied areas should be regularly checked to ensure they are safe and secure and there is no unnecessary accumulation of combustible materials.

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