Monday, 9 September 2013

Heavy storms create call-outs for East Sussex firefighters

Heavy downpours and storms caused disruption for residents across the City of Brighton and Hove last night (8th September).
East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service were called out to three weather-related incidents in the space of just half-an-hour.
The first call came in at 6.06pm after a lightning strike triggered a burglar alarm at the One Stop Shop, in Court Farm Road, Brighton. The specialist smoke cloak burglar alarm filled the whole property with smoke, after being activated by an electrical storm. The smoke helps prevent or delay intruders from attempting to gain access to areas within the building, by reducing visibility. It also provides an additional time period for police to attend an incident.
Two fire appliances from Preston Circus Community Fire Station attended and firefighters used a Positive Pressure Ventilation Fan to clear the building of smoke.
A second lightning strike occurred at a property in Victoria Road, Portslade, at 6.10pm which affected several properties within the same street. The lightning strike blew electrical equipment but there was no fire.
Two crews from Hove Community Fire Station attended and isolated the electrics, as well as carrying out six home safety visits. Crews remained at the incident for one hour and twenty minutes.
The last call came in at 6.30pm following heavy rain and hailstones in the Springfield Road area of Brighton. Brighton firefighters were called to Wellend Villas to carry out salvage work and to mop-up excess water in the hallway area of a block of flats.
Crew Manager Darran Sampson said: “Because we had the heavy rain with a burst of hail stones together this caused flooding as the hail stones blocked the drain and the rain then flooded the area and poured into the hallway through the front door.
“Whilst the wet weather continues we would urge people to regularly check their drains to ensure that they are not blocked with leaves or debris, which will help prevent any flooding.”

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