Friday, 13 September 2013

Sprinklers call from East Sussex Fire Authority

Chair of the Fire Authority
Councillor Phil Howson
East Sussex Fire Authority wants sprinklers to become a more commonplace safety feature in homes and

  • This is because sprinklers can significantly help to to:
  • Reduce death and injury from fire
  • Reduce the risks to fire-fighters
  • Protect property and heritage
  • Reduce the effects of arson
  • Reduce the environmental impact of fire
  • Reduce fire costs and the disruption to the community and business
  • Permit design freedoms and encourage innovative, inclusive and sustainable architecture

The Fire Authority will lobby for the creation of a legal requirement to fit sprinklers in those premises where the risk to life and loss of property from fire are most significant.

It will also play a key leadership role in promoting the better understanding of the benefits of sprinklers and will encourage building managers, owners and developers to install sprinklers where there is a risk-based case for doing so.

Chair of the Fire Authority, Councillor Phil Howson said:

"The greatest impact of installing fire sprinklers is likely to occur within particular properties such as schools, residential care homes, premises housing highly vulnerable residents, and certain large commercial premises." 

The Authority is leading by example and has committed to installing sprinklers into all newly built and refurbished Fire Authority premises.

Read the full Sprinkler Statement.

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