Friday, 20 September 2013

Washing machine fire prompts safety calls ahead of Electrical Safety Week

A washing machine fire in Wealden is prompting safety calls from East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service have

Crews were called out to Wadhurst at 18.09 on 19 September 2013, and found the property was full of smoke.
 Two breathing apparatus and a hose reel jet were used. The cause of the fire was accidental.

The incident comes ahead of Electrical Safety Week (23rd – 27th September 2013).

Safety advice

There are particular danger signs to look out for on all electrical items you have around your home.

If you think something needs fixing or changing, do it straight away.

For plugs and sockets, keep an eye out for the following:
  • hot plugs or sockets, scorch marks, fuses that often blow, or flickering lights - they are all are signs of loose wiring or other electrical problems
  • badly wired plugs - any coloured wires sticking out could come loose and debris could also get into the plug
  • overloaded sockets - plugging too many electrical appliances into one socket can lead to overheating
For electrical appliances, you should never:
  • get them wet - this includes plugs and sockets, so don't put a vase of flowers on top of the TV, for example
  • leave them on at night - unless they are designed to be left on, like freezers
  • put anything in the microwave that is made of metal, or has a metallic finish or parts


Electrical appliances, especially ones that run at high speeds and contain motors, like washing machines, should be serviced once a year by a qualified electrician.

For more information about how to stay safe, please visit the charity, the Electrical Safety Council or East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service's website

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