Monday, 28 October 2013

Fire Service called to further weather-related incidents

Fence blown down

Uckfield firefighters were called to Browns Lane, Manor Park, at 9.31am after a request was made by the police for assistance with a fence that had been blown over on top of a bank. Crews attended and made the area safe, as it was overhanging the path.

TV aerial comes loose

Lewes firefighters were called to Mongers Mead, in Barcombe, at 9.39am after a TV aerial became loose and was overhanging the path. Crews were called upon to make the aerial safe.

Securing of ashfelt

Hastings firefighters were called to Gresham Way, St Leonards, at 12.13pm after ashfelt came loose from a three-storey building. Roofers were unable to gain access to the roof as the hatchway was blocked and crews made the area safe.

Hoarding down

Herstmonceaux firefighters were sent to investigate at 1.06pm today (28th October) after reports that a large building site hoarding had come down against a metal electricity box and was unsafe. Crews were called upon to make the area safe and a message was left on the contractor’s phone.

Loose facia

Brighton firefighters were called out to secure loose facia five floors above a pathway in New Church Road, Hove, at 2.22pm today (28th October). Crews made the area safe and left the incident with the managing agent.

Unsafe balcony

Newhaven firefighters were called to The Promenade, Peacehaven, at 2.26pm today (28th October) after a concrete support for a glass screen on a balcony had fallen to the ground. A crew from Newhaven attended with a triple extension ladder and made the area safe.

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