Monday, 28 October 2013

Severe weather round-up

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service attended a number of weather related incidents overnight (28thOctober).

Crews attended eighteen call-outs, including one incident involving a tree which had been uprooted and had fallen, trapping the occupants of a house in Nizells Avenue, Hove, at 6.28am this morning.

Sussex Police were forced to close the tree-lined road, due to the nature of the incident and the number of trees in the vicinity.

A large tree had been blown down by the strong winds which obstructed both the front and the side entrance of the property, as well as falling on a car.

Two crews from Hove Community Fire Station attended.

Crew Commander Dan Ball said: “Thankfully, no-one was trapped in the car but the occupiers were unable to get out of their house. The large tree had also taken down a traffic parking meter and possibly a street light, raising concerns about the possibility of live cabling being exposed. Firefighters used saws to remove branches from the tree to enable the residents to safely leave their property. We left the situation with the police, who closed the road.

“We would urge people to be vigilant and to exercise caution during these strong winds. This tree was not a new sapling and was a large, well established tree. As these winds are strong enough to blow over such a large tree, please be careful.”

No-one was injured and crews remained at the scene until 7.10am.

Further incidents attended include:

Sunday (27th October)

8.41am:  Eastbourne firefighters were called out to reports of dangerous shuttering created by the wind. Crews secured the shuttering and left with the incident with council representatives.

10.24am: Burwash crews were called to the High Street, in Wadhurst, to secure a sign which had become detached.

11.54am: Brighton firefighters attended an incident whereby a roof of a summer house had been blown off into surrounding buildings. Crews made the area safe.

1.35pm: Brighton firefighters used the Aerial Ladder Platform to secure loose facia boarding at the Giraffe Restaurant, North Street.

1.39pm: Hastings firefighters secured loose scaffold boards on a roof of a property in Magdalen Road, St Leonards.

2.53pm: Brighton firefighters were called out to Ivory Place, Morley, Street, where they used the Aerial Ladder Platform to secure a dangerous aerial.

3.37pm: Rye firefighters were called out after a tree fell down in Winchelsea High Street, pulling down telephone cables.

Monday (28th October)

5.49am: Barcombe firefighters were called out to an overhead cable blown down and a large tree blown across the highway, power lines snapped and down. UK Power Networks were called to the incident.

5.54am: Brighton and Hove firefighters were called to an incident in Sussex Square, Kemptown, Brighton, following a ceiling collapse.

5.59am: Hove firefighters were called out to Texaco Kingsway following reports of a dangerous structure.

6am: Hove firefighters were called to Trafalgar Street, Brighton, following reports of loose roof tiles.

6.05am: Brighton firefighters were called to Warren Avenue, in Brighton, after a large section of metal corrugated roof came loose, which crews secured.

6.06am: Wadhurst firefighters were called out following a tree which came down on power cables.

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