Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Alcohol Awareness Week – safety reminder from firefighters

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is reminding people that alcohol is often a factor in fires and road traffic collisions.

The warning comes during Alcohol Awareness Week – organised by the charity Alcohol Concern.

In East Sussex and Brighton and Hove in 2012/2013, there were three fire fatalities. In two of these, impairment was suspected due to drugs / alcohol and was a contributory factor in the fire.

Neal Robinson Head of Community Risk Management said:

“When you drink your reactions and ability to make sound judgments is affected. This can have a huge impact. Most of us accept that we should not drink and drive but there are also dangers in the home which you need to consider. 

For example – if you are a smoker and have had a drink, you may be careless stubbing out a cigarette or you may fall asleep while one is still alight. If you come in after a big night on the town and put something in the oven, you may forget to set a timer and have a kitchen fire.

Our message is clear – if you do drink, remember that you are at greater risk of having a fire in your home”

For further information about Alcohol Awareness week please go to

You can find out the impact alcohol harm has on East Sussex on this page of their website:

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