Monday, 6 January 2014

Business urged to make New Year’s resolutions

Business owners in East Sussex and Brighton and Hove are being challenged to make a New Year’s resolution to help them deal with any unexpected crisis.

The call comes as businesses count the costs of damaged caused by floods and high winds.

Mark Hobbs, Business Safety Manager at Fire and Rescue Service, says:

“It is a widely accepted fact that one out of five businesses doesn’t recover from a major disruption, so planning for a significant unwanted event  is an important part of ensuring a prosperous future. The recent bad weather has shown just what impact unexpected events can have on people’s lives. You may not be able to stop your business being affected, but you can help improve your chances of bouncing back.”

New Year’s resolutions

Write a Business Continuity Plan – or if you have one already, review it. A plan should look at all sorts of potential problems including:
•    What you would do if you lost your IT systems?
•    What would happen if you can’t get to your building – perhaps after a fire or flood?
•    How will you keep your customers informed about what’s happened and when you will be back in business?
•    What happens if you lose power or water supplies for any period of time?
•    What happens if one of your suppliers suffers problems?

The Sussex Resilience Forum has a useful leaflet which can help:

Check your fire safety and flood prevention measures and make sure you and your staff know what to do in an emergency.

Get advice. Our website has lots of links to useful organisations and we also offer advice to businesses. Find out more at

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