Thursday, 16 January 2014

Fire Service sees unusually quiet night

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service experienced an usually quiet night after receiving no calls at all after 6.45pm on 15 January.

Mobilising and Communications Centre operators say there is no obvious reason and that the number of incidents they deal with can vary greatly.

Overall, incidents have been dropping over the years – thanks, in part, to the hard work firefighters and support staff carry out in the community.

For example, we visit schools to educate children, go into the homes of the most vulnerable members of the community to offer practical support and work with businesses to help them protect against fires.

Home Safety Visits

Our staff visit the most vulnerable people in our communities to carry out a full risk assessment of the home covering kitchen safety, electrical safety, gas safety, open fires, smoking escape plans and bedtime routines. Possible dangers are identified and advice given on how chances of getting hurt in the unfortunate event of a fire can be cut. If appropriate, they will fit free smoke alarms.

If you know someone who may be eligible for a Home Safety Visit, find out more on our website:

Business Safety work

Our Business Safety teams provide guidance to ensuring that businesses comply with the requirements of the Fire Safety Regulations and to help them to deal with any unexpected crisis.

This is particularly important due to the number of businesses counting the costs of damage caused by floods and high winds

Advice for businesses include writing a Business Continuity Plan – or if you have one already, review it. A plan should look at all sorts of potential problems including:
What you would do if you lost your IT systems?

What would happen if you can’t get to your building – perhaps after a fire or flood?

How will you keep your customers informed about what’s happened and when you will be back in business?

What happens if you lose power or water supplies for any period of time?
What happens if one of your suppliers suffers problems?

Find out more at

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