Thursday, 2 January 2014

Take extra care during Friday's early FBU strike

Members of the public are being urged to take extra care with difficult weather conditions forecast for the end of this week and a further Fire Brigades Union strike planned on Friday.

FBU members will strike between 6.30am and 8.30am on Friday 3rd January – the latest stoppage in their dispute with the Government over pensions. East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service will continue to respond to emergencies during this time, but cover will be reduced and members of the public need to take extra care.

Friday’s strike is likely to coincide with a period of heavy rain and strong winds, making conditions difficult on the early morning commute. The Environment Agency has also warned coastal communities to be on alert for possible tidal flooding between Friday and Sunday as strong winds combine with high tides and waves.

The following simple advice will help communities to stay safe during Friday’s strike and throughout the weekend:

On the roads
  • Slow down and keep your distance from the vehicles in front of you.
  • Don't attempt to drive through floodwater - you don't know how deep it is or whether there are hidden obstacles.
  • Make sure your lights and windscreen wipers are fully working before setting out.
  • Check your route before you set off by going to the Sussex Police website -
  • Stay alert to the danger of fallen trees. More trees may come down due to rain-softened ground and branches and leaves can also make roads more treacherous.
Near rivers and beaches
  • Don't risk your safety by going near flooded rivers - the water may be moving much faster than you think.
  • Stay away from waves on the seafront - you can easily get knocked off your feet.
  • If you have dogs, keep them on a lead if you go near rivers or the sea so they stay safe as well.
  • Don't walk through flood water - you don't know what's under the water line.
In the home
  • Check whether your home is at risk of flooding on the Environment Agency website:  and follow @EnvAgency on Twitter.
  • Be prepared and find out what to do if you experience a flood in this leaflet from the Electrical Safety Council.
  • If you lose power, don't leave lit candles unattended or light fires if you haven't had you chimney properly cleaned.
  • Check your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are working and in the right position in your home.
If you do have a fire during Friday's strike or at any other time, get out, stay out and dial 999. We will respond. 

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