Thursday, 13 February 2014

Fire Authority to decide Council Tax and budget

East Sussex Fire Authority members will meet tomorrow (14 February 2014) to set its budget and make a decision over Council Tax.

There are two options being considered:

Option A: accepting the Council Tax Freeze Grant in 2014/15.

  Our overall budget would be set at £38.6 million.
• This would mean Council tax payers pay the same as they have done since 2010/11 – for Band D this amounts to £81.86

Option B: Increasing Council Tax by 1.94%

• Our overall budget would be set at £38.8 million
• This would mean Band D Council tax increases to £83.45.

Like all public sector organisations the Authority is expecting to face significant reductions in government funding over the next five years, whatever the outcome of the national elections in 2015. 

A programme of savings has been developed, some of which we will be consulting the public about, but by raising the Council Tax by a relatively small amount we can reduce the impact of the reductions in funding on frontline services. 

If the Authority does decide to increase the Council Tax it will be the first time that this has happened since 2010/11.

Current budget and savings

Our 2013/2014 budget stands at £39.1 million.
  56% Council tax (£81.86 in 2013/14 per Band D property)
  17% business rates
  27% Government grants

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