Friday, 21 March 2014

New fire appliance for Eastbourne Community Fire Station

A new replacement fire appliance is about to become part of Eastbourne’s operational fleet at the end of this month.

On the 31st of March the Aerial Rescue Pump (ARP) will be sent to incidents throughout the area.

This is just one of the changes which will help East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service become more efficient and allow for further savings in the future.

Investment has been made into a number of projects to deliver savings, as well as keeping us ready for action as the Service becomes more streamlined.

Reviews have been carried out across the Service and this was one measure thought to be a significant investment for the future to deliver a safer community.

The appliance will ensure an effective response to emergencies, as well as making long-term efficiencies on savings.

The project represents months of hard work to design and build an appliance which supports both the local community and the spending plans of the Fire Authority.

Eastbourne Borough Commander Dave Sheppard said: “The ARP represents a significant investment in protecting our local community and will provide some immediate benefits, such as more firefighters and equipment immediately available to deal with any emergency, but it will also mean us making some changes to how we respond to incidents. As a vehicle that combines two capabilities it is slightly larger than our existing appliances so we will be seeking the support of our local community to ensure that our access is not restricted in some of the narrower streets around the town by ensuring you park legally and considerately.

“Crews have undergone extensive training to enable it to go on the run, which has involved practising different scenarios where it could be called into action, so that our firefighters understand the capabilities of the new appliance.”

Although introducing the ARP will lead to a reduction in posts at Eastbourne no firefighters are at risk of losing their job, with the reduction in posts enabled over time by other factors such as retirements and natural turnover.

The new appliance will be based at Eastbourne Community Fire Station and will replace two existing appliances, as part of the ESFRS budget deficit reduction plan.

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