Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Crews called to Cinque Ports Way, Hastings

At 14.10 on 21st May an emergency call was received to Cinque Ports Way, Hastings, where people were reported to be stuck in water in a culvert.

Crews from Hastings were dispatched to the scene and on arrival firefighters requested the Aerial Ladder Platform for assistance.

Southern Water was contacted to enable access to the water treatment centre, which gave crews the best access to the culvert.

A further appliance from The Ridge was sent to the scene.

At 14.50, crews in water safety kit began an initial search of the water. Nothing was found.

The Hazardous Rescue Search Team (HART) assisted with the search in the culvert. The Police Specialist Search Team was also sent to the scene.

At 15.30, crews were withdrawn following Hart Swift Water Search an incoming tide.

At 16.30, the incident is ongoing with specialist search teams.

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