Friday, 6 June 2014

Road and Cycle safety targeted in Battle during a National Road Safety Week

Firefighters from Battle Community Fire Station are focussing on cyclists during UK Road Safety Week.

They will be on the Green outside Battle Abbey on 14 June 2014, offering advice to those living, working or visiting the area.

Working alongside Sussex Police and a local bicycle shop, Handsome Bicycles, the aim is to help keep people safe when out cycling and remind motorists to watch out for people using pedal power.

Cyclists will get the chance to find out just how easily they can vanish from view in mirrors on large vehicles, by hopping into the driver’s seat of a fire engine. A special trailer displaying a crashed car will be set up to demonstrate the effects of road traffic collisions and there will be lots of videos to watch in our audio visual unit

Daniel Burnett, Crew Manager, at Battle Community Fire Station said: “Cyclists are particularly vulnerable road users. Making sure you can be seen by other road users is vital.  If you do like getting around on two wheels, please remember to wear high visibility clothing and a helmet, use your lights and ensure you avoid blind spots.

We also want to remind motorists that the roads around Battle are amongst the most dangerous in the UK and not just for cars and lorries. Take extra care when driving around the area. Slow down and ensure you use your mirrors appropriately. A moment’s carelessness can cause injury or even death – we want everyone who uses the roads in and around Battle to come home safely.”

Firefighters will also be on hand to give advice about safety in the home and you can find out if you or someone you know is eligible for free smoke alarms. You can also have your bicycles checked over by a professional bike mechanic.

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