Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Road safety promoted at Eastbourne Cycling Festival

Eastbourne firefighters are urging drivers and cyclists in the town to work together to make the roads safer.

The call comes during UK Road Safety Week (9-15 June), organised by the Chief Fire Officer’s Association.

Crews were at Eastbourne Cycling Festival on Sunday 1 June at the Western Lawns, promoting cyclist safety around large goods vehicles and giving both cyclists and drivers an appreciation of the risks.

Eastbourne Borough Commander Dave Sheppard said:

“We have a wide variety of people using the roads in Eastbourne. Cycling is very popular as is riding motorbikes, especially over the South Downs. Whether on two wheels or four, we need people to concentrate when out and about.

If you are behind the wheel, make sure you check your mirrors and blind spots carefully, keep to the speed limit and be considerate to others.

Bikers – stop and take a break. We know that it’s harder to focus when you are dehydrated or tired.

And cyclists, it’s important you can be seen - wear high visibility clothing, protective headgear and have lights on your bike. Don’t get too near big vehicles – you can easily vanish from view.”

Causes of road traffic collisions in Eastbourne - based on information supplied by the Sussex Safer Road Partnership

·         Failure to look properly (road user)
·         Failure to judge other person’s path or speed (road user)
·         Failure to look properly (pedestrian)
·         Careless, reckless or in a hurry (road user)
·         Distraction in or outside the vehicle (road user)

UK Road Safety Week

The week is organised by the Chief Fire Officers Association. It is also being supported by national partners including the Highways Agency, Department for Transport, Association of Chief Police Officers, Brake, Road Safety GB, Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, RoadSafe, Tyresafe, Living Streets, the RAC Foundation and the MAG Foundation (motorcycle and scooter safety and research charity).

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