Friday, 25 July 2014

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service joins memorial tribute for WW2 hero

This Saturday (26 July 2014), East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service will attend a tribute to a hero pilot who saved Uckfield from a “Doodlebug” V1 flying bomb in World War Two.

Eugene George Achilles Seghers was killed on 26th July 1944 while a Flight Lieutenant attached to 91 Squadron at Deanland near Golden Cross. He was attacking a V1 over Uckfield – a bomb capable of causing devastation over a large area. Tragically, he misjudged his distance and struck it, causing it to explode.

To mark the 70th anniversary of his death, a memorial is being unveiled at The Highlands Inn at 1.30pm.

Chief Fire Officer and Chief Executive Des Prichard is attending and will lay a wreath on behalf of East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service. He said:

“Flight Lieutenant Seghers made a huge sacrifice for the safety of others. It is humbling to be part of this event and pay tribute to his courage. The Fire Service and Rescue Service and the armed forces have always been closely linked. It is only right that we pause and remember those who have protected us in the past and continue to protect us today.”

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