Monday, 28 July 2014

Safety message - Brighton & Hove extreme weather

09.25 - 28th July 2014

Crews continue to be busy in the Brighton & Hove area, responding to a large number of emergency, weather related calls.

Many of these calls involve water effecting electrics. In such cases local residents are advised to switch off their electrical supply at the main switch, if safe to do so. If the water is effecting the main switch and it is not safe to switch it off, you are advised to dial 999 and inform the Fire Service.

Duty Officer, Richard Fowler, said: "If water gets into light fittings and sockets,  turning off your electrical supply will reduce the risk of fire. However, if water reaches the main electrical supply switch, then you should not touch it. In this instance, call the Fire Service and ask for help."

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