Thursday, 17 July 2014

Sunny weather risks highlighted as strikes continue

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is thanking the public again following the latest strike by Fire Brigades Union members.

There were no incidents during the 6am-8am walk out.

Contingency crews were on duty, ready to respond to emergencies.

Further strikes are planned and our message to members of the public remains the same. If you have a fire - get out, stay out and dial 999.

Sunny weather

With the weather brightening up, the Service is reminding people of some common sense sunshine-related advice.

Don't forget to take your sunglasses when getting behind the wheel as the sun can dazzle, particularly when rising or setting. More motoring advice here:

Never leave BBQs unattended, don't fill them with too much charcoal and keep a bucket of water or a hose nearby just in case. More BBQ advice here:

If you are out and about in fields, forests or on campsites, avoid having naked flames or smoking and follow rules about campfires. More advice here:

Glass items or mirrors on window ledges could magnify the sun and spark a fire - check out this Black Museum case to see what we mean 

Further strike dates

• July 17th 2014 between 1700hrs and 1900hrs
• July 18th 2014 between 0600hrs and 0800hrs & 2300hrs and 0100hrs (19 July)
• July 19th 2014 between 1100hrs and 1300hrs & 2300hrs and 0100hrs (20 July)
• July 20th 2014 between 1700hrs and 1900hrs
• July 21th 2014 between 0600hrs and 0800hrs & 1700hrs and 1900hrs

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