Saturday, 9 August 2014

Hove 999 day cancelled amid weather warnings

Warnings of storms have prompted the organisers of Hove 999 Day to decide to cancel tomorrow's event (10 August 2014).

The Met Office says the weather will turn wet and windy in many parts from Sunday morning, with gales perhaps severe, likely along some southern coastal and inland areas.

For the latest information about Severe Weather warnings, please go to the Met Office website:

Flood warning information can be found on the Environment Agency website here:

Advice from East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service
East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is asking residents to take extra care on the roads and be aware of the dangers of flooding.

On the roads
  • Slow down and keep your distance from the vehicles in front of you
  • Don't attempt to drive through floodwater - you don't know how deep it is or whether there are hidden obstacles
  • Make sure your lights and windscreen wipers are fully working before setting out
  • Check your route before you set off 
  • Stay alert to the danger of fallen trees - it is possible more may come down after the heavy rain softened the ground - branches and leaves can also make the roads more treacherous

Floods can happen quickly so don’t wait until it is too late to think about preparation.

Before a flood:
  • Do organise some sandbags to block doors and airbricks but remember to ensure that there is adequate ventilation in your home.
  • Do find out whether your area has flooded before and if there is any specific flood advice for your area.
  • Do find out where to turn off your electricity and gas supplies in advance.
  • Don't underestimate the damage that a flood can do, check with your insurance company that you have flood cover.
When a flood starts:
  • Do put your safety first, stay alert, events can change very quickly during a flood; listen out for any warnings on the radio and the TV.
  • Do move people or pets upstairs or to higher ground, identify a place where you and your family can keep away from the floodwater.
  • Don't under any circumstances drive or walk through floodwater.
  • Remember, items that have been in contact with floodwater may be contaminated and contain sewage, therefore make sure that anything that has been in contact with the water is safely cleaned.
After the flood:
  • Do get in contact with your insurance company and let them know what has happened.
  • Do open your doors and windows to ventilate your home.

Useful contacts

Sussex Police

Dial 101 when it is less urgent than 999

Environment Agency
For flood alerts or call Floodline number 0845 988 1188 (24 hour service)

Highways Agency
Travel updates

East Sussex County Council
Contact details
Flooding advice (includes links to Local Borough and District Councils)
Report a problem on a road, path or verge

For problems on the roads: please ring the Highways Contact Centre on 0345 60 80 193 and leave a message. More options can be found here.

Brighton and Hove City Council
Contact details
For environmental emergencies out of office hours, call 01273 292229.

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