Monday, 13 October 2014

As the clocks change… tick, tock, test your smoke alarm

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is calling on members of the public to test their smoke alarms as they change their clocks this autumn.

British Summer Times ends at 2am on 26 October 2014.

Head of Community Risk Management Neal Robinson said “Time and time again we hear of stories where smoke alarms have given people valuable moments to get out of their homes safely if there’s a fire. 

We are urging the public to make sure they have working smoke alarms fitted on every level of their home. Never remove batteries unless replacing them immediately and please offer to help those who may be unable to safely fit or test alarms.”

Home safety visits

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service also offers specialist help and in some cases will fit free smoke alarms.

Neal Robinson adds: “We can carry out home safety visits for vulnerable people who may be worried about how to protect themselves from fire. We know that factors such as a lack of mobility, drug or alcohol use, dementia or smoking, can increase the risks of fire. If you or someone you know may need extra support please visit our website or contact us on 0800 177 7069.”

National campaign

The call comes as a national campaign is launched, promoting the importance of testing smoke alarms.

In March 2014, nearly one in seven people tested their smoke alarms when they changed their clocks to British Summer Time. This autumn, everyone can join in and pledge to Tick Tock Test.

Pledgers will be able to sign up on the Fire Kills Facebook page or click on special Fire Kills ‘Tick Tock Test’ adverts when they see them online and on their mobile phones. 

Over half the people who died in fires in the home last year were 65 years old or over. So as well as testing their own alarms, Fire Kills is urging householders to test for people who might need help testing theirs. The few seconds it takes to test could provide a few valuable minutes for loved ones to escape safely. 

The new Fire Kills campaign focuses on the deadly effects of smoke –engulfing innocent victims as they sleep. Many people believe smoke will wake them up if fire breaks out – but it won’t, it will leave them for dead. A working smoke alarm is the most effective way to alert you to the danger.

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