Friday, 24 October 2014

Pass it on and stay SAFE ahead of more Fire Brigades Union industrial action

Businesses, community groups and employers are being urged to share advice from East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service ahead of a strike by members of the Fire Brigades Union.

A walk out will begin on between 31 October and continue until 4 November as part of the ongoing dispute with the Government over pensions.

Pass it on and Stay SAFE

Smoke alarms save lives – fit them properly and test them regularly

Avoid distractions – whether behind the wheel, out and about or cooking paying attention helps keep you safe

Family and friends might need help – check in on them and share our advice

Escape routes should be planned and explained to everyone in your home

People are being asked to help spread safety messages ahead of the strike. Posters about fire and road safety can be downloaded and printed out to put up in offices, businesses, shops and blocks of flats.

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