Wednesday, 29 October 2014

RTC in Hastings prompts road safety reminder

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service were called to reports of a road traffic collision (RTC) at 08.32 on 28 October 2014.

Crews from The Ridge and Bohemia Road fire stations attended the scene on Seddlescombe Road North in Hastings.

Two private vehicles were involved.

Firefighters made the area safe and left the incident in the hands of Sussex Police.

Road safety reminder
Road users across East Sussex and Brighton and Hove City are being reminded of the importance of taking extra care on the roads now winter is approaching.

Before you leave
  • Check your route and the weather before you set off
  • Ensure that your vehicle is road worthy. Make sure that your tyres have sufficient tread and that they are inflated in line with the manufacturer's guidelines. Make sure your lights and windscreen wipers are fully working and that you have enough fuel in case of delays or diversions.
  • If snow is forecast, pack a snow-kit which should include items such as a shovel, a flash light, food and non-alcoholic drink, blanket or sleeping bag and a first aid kit.
On the move
  • Remember to slow down and keep your distance from the car in front of you - it takes much longer to stop in the wet and fallen leaves can be just as slippery and treacherous for motorists as driving on ice.
  • Stay alert to the danger of fallen trees - it is possible more may come down after the heavy rain softened the ground - branches and leaves can also make the roads more treacherous.
  • If your vehicle loses its grip, or "aquaplanes" on surface water take your foot off the accelerator to slow down. Don't brake or steer suddenly because you have no control of the steering or brakes.
More information about Road Safety Week can be found here:

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