Monday, 24 November 2014

Christmas card entries so good – we chose four winners!

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service has revealed the result of its Christmas Card Competition.

Local children were asked to draw a festive picture which included safety messages. The prize on offer was a £25 National Book Token gift card. Around 150 entries were received.

Chief Fire Officer and Chief Executive Des Prichard said:

“We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who spent time taking part in our contest. The standard was so high that it was impossible to choose just one winner – so we have ended up with four. Congratulations to Octavia, Tom D and Will S from Dallington School and Brooke from St Paul’s School.”

Octavia’s included lots of important advice – such as a reminder about turning Christmas lights off when you go to bed. Will’s picture had another great message aimed at making sure you have a visit from Father Christmas not a visit from us this festive season.

Tom’s entry was very colourful – we hope the firefighting snowman manages to save all the presents. And we liked Brooke’s balancing Elf – although we’d recommend you use a proper step ladder rather than a reindeer to reach your smoke alarm to test it!”

The pictures will now be turned into cards which East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service will use this Christmas.

All the entries can be found on our Facebook page:

Firefighters tackle loft fire in Bexhill

Firefighters were called out to tackle a fire in a loft at a bungalow in Bexhill last night (23rd November).

Two crews were mobilised to Lychgates Close at 7.35pm and wore breathing apparatus and used one hose reel to tackle the fire.

Services were isolated and crews searched for any pockets of fire. A fire investigation was carried out and the cause found to be accidental.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Brighton and Hove firefighters take to the streets to promote safe driving

Brighton and Hove firefighters are taking part in a series of events to help ensure drivers understand the consequences of taking risks on the roads.

The initiatives are beginning during Brake’s Road Safety Week (17-23 November) and continuing throughout December.

Crews will be visiting local car parks to offer advice and speak to motorists and other road users about their concerns.

Richard Chamberlain, the station manager at Preston Circus Community Fire Station said:
“Too often we see first-hand the consequences of poor decision made by motorists. We hope that by meeting people face to face they will pay more attention behind the wheel and remember how a moment’s distraction can cause devastation.

With the festive season just around the corner, we also want to remind motorists that alcohol and driving do not mix. If you want a drink, get a taxi or public transport home - or find a friend who will stay sober and be the designated driver. Please don’t be tempted to take a risk – even if you’ve only had one drink.”

About Road Safety Week

Road Safety Week aims to raise awareness about the devastation of road crashes and casualties, and the part we can all play in making our roads and communities safer. It is coordinated annually by the charity Brake, and is now in its 18th year.

Where we’ll be

  • Thurs 20th Nov & Fri 21st Nov 2014 from 18:30 - 21:00 hours at Churchill Square Car Park

  • Sat 22nd Nov 2014 from 16:00 - 20:00 hours BMECP Event, Fleet Street

  • Thurs 4th Dec 2014 from 11:00 - 15:00 hours at Asda, Hollingbury, Brighton

  • Fri 12th Dec 2014 from 19:00 - 22:00 hours Churchill Square

Hastings firefighters head to the shops for Road Safety Week

Hastings firefighters are heading to the shops as part of efforts to make local roads safer.

It comes as East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service marks Brake’s Road Safety Week (17-23 November 2014)

Working alongside Sussex Police, the crews will be at Tesco’s on Church Wood Drive on the 24th and 25th November, offering advice and listening to concerns from local shoppers.

Station Commander Paul Way, who has helped organise the events, said:

“It is important for us to be able to meet people who live in our community face to face and understand what concerns them. We want to make our roads safer – for all road users and for pedestrians. We know a big problem is people getting distracted behind the wheel or not looking properly at junctions. If we can get people to pay more attention, we can make a real difference.”

Brake Road Safety Week – Look out for each other

This year’s Brake Road Safety Week is focused on getting people to make a pledge to look out for each other:


Drivers – I'll stay under limits, and slow down to 20mph around schools, homes and shops to protect others. I'll slow right down for bends, brows and bad weather, and avoid overtaking.
Everyone – I'll speak out for slowing down and help drivers understand that the slower they drive, the more chance they have of avoiding a crash and saving a life.


Drivers – I'll never drive after drinking any alcohol or drugs – not a drop, not a drag.
Everyone - I'll plan ahead to make sure I, and anyone I'm with, can get home safely and I'll never get a lift with drink/drug drivers. I'll speak out if someone's about to drive on drink or drugs.


Drivers – I'll make sure everyone in my vehicle is belted up on every journey, and kids smaller than 150cm are in a proper child restraint. I'll choose the safest vehicle I can and ensure it's maintained.

Everyone – I'll belt up on every journey, and make sure friends and family do too.


Drivers – I'll never take or make calls or texts when driving. I'll turn off my phone or put it out of sight and on silent, and stay focused on the road.
Everyone – I'll never chat on the phone to someone else who's driving.

Drivers – I'll get my eyes tested every two years and wear glasses or lenses at the wheel if I need them. I'll take regular breaks and never drive if I'm tired, stressed or on medication that affects driving.

Everyone – I'll look out for friends and loved ones by ensuring they only drive if they're fit for it, and rest if they're tired.


Everyone – I'll minimise the amount I drive, or not drive at all. I'll get about by walking, cycling or public transport as much as I can, for road safety, the environment and my health.