Monday, 17 November 2014

Warning after wood pile stacked near burner sparks fire in Ringmer

A young mother and toddler had a lucky escape after a smoke alarm alerted them to a fire in their home in Ringmer.

Lewes and Uckfield  firefighters were mobilised to a property in Laughton Road, Ringmer, after the woman raised the alarm when a fire broke out in the living room yesterday (16th November) at 4.16pm.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus tackled the fire with one hose reel and the fire was extinguished and the logs removed.

Watch Manager Tim Cook said: “The pair had a very lucky escape as the woman discovered her living room full of smoke but thankfully contacted East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service immediately.

“Fire wood had been piled up around the wood burning stove and radiated heat had caused the fire.

“When we arrived the whole room was completely smoke-logged – so thick that it was impossible to see into the room. Luckily, because the lady had called us quickly we arrived in time to save the house.

“Unsurprisingly, wood burners give off a considerable amount of heat. Combustible materials, such as fire wood, should never be stored close to, or around, the burner.

“Unfortunately, this is a common problem and with the growth in popularity of wood burners we are seeing more incidents such as this one.”

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