Monday, 22 December 2014

Don't take risks in wild weather - warning from East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is urging the public not to take risks in the wild weather.

High winds and rain are sweeping across the County and Brighton and Hove.

The Service was called at 01:13 this morning (22 December 2014) to reports of a tree which had fallen into a property on Dale Road in Wealden. Crews from Forest Row and Lewes attended. No one was injured.  The rear of the house was slightly affected by the upper branches of the tree.

Yesterday (21 December 2014) at 16:36 crews from The Ridge and Bohemia Road in Hastings attended an address on Marina in St Leonards, following reports of falling rubble. The aerial ladder platform was used and the property inspected by building control.

Useful contact numbers can be found here:

Advice on the road
  • Avoid driving through floodwater - you don't know how deep it is or whether there are hidden obstacles.
  • If you have to drive through floods, drive slowly, use a low gear and try to keep the engine revving at a high rate. Move forward continuously to avoid stalling the engine. In driving an automatic vehicle engage and hold in a low gear. The deepest water is usually nearest the kerb.
  • If your vehicle loses its grip, or "aquaplanes" on surface water take your foot off the accelerator to slow down. Don't brake or steer suddenly because you have no control of the steering or brakes.
  • High-sided vehicles are particularly affected by windy weather but strong gusts can also blow a vehicle, cyclist or motorcyclist off course. 
Advice when on rivers and beaches
  • Stay away from flooded rivers - the water may be moving much faster than you think 
  • Big waves on beaches can easily get knocked off your feet and dragged into the water. Keep your distance.
  • If you have dogs, keep them on a lead if you go near rivers or the sea so they stay safe as well.

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