Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Reminder to stay alert as strike continues

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service’s Chief Fire Officer & Chief Executives, Des Prichard, is urging the public to take extra care during the strike.

The twenty-four hour walkout got underway at 9am this morning (9th December), as part of the ongoing dispute with Government over pensions, and will continue through until tomorrow morning at 9am.

With resources reduced during strike periods, the Service is urging the public to take extra care and spread the word among friends, family and neighbours, to do what they can to prevent emergencies.

Members of the public are being asked by the Chief to do their bit to help everyone stay safe during today’s strike and throughout the festive season.

Contingency crews will be on duty responding to life threatening incidents but cover will be reduced and the public is being asked to do what they can to prevent an emergency.

This afternoon contingency crews have attended the following incidents up until 3.11pm:

  • An accidental fire in Bexhill.
  • A domestic animal rescue in Hove.
  • A car fire in Hove.
  • Three people shut in a lift in Brighton, all released.
  • A fire involving an outside building in Plumpton. One hose reel jet used to extinguish accidental fire.

If you do have a fire, get out, stay out and call 999. We have crews who will respond to emergencies, prioritising calls where lives may be at risk.

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